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Creative blocks. Writer’s blocks. They can be frustrating!

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional writer or writing a blog to support your health business, creative juices are essential to produce quality work.

It’s not only so-called creative writers, such as novelists and poets, that use creativity. You need creativity even for articles discussing scientific studies, healthy nutrition or lifestyle tips. Experiencing a creative slowdown can be frustrating. Coming up with new topics may become difficult. You may have trouble producing original, interesting and inspiring content. You may have trouble creating any work altogether.

You are not alone, all writer’s experience writer’s blocks at certain points in their career. Sometimes writer’s block only lasts for a few hours or a few days. Other times, it may drag on for weeks or months. If you are not careful, stressed, overworked and don’t take care of yourself, it can turn into a serious emotional or professional burnout.

No matter where you are on the spectrum, these tips can help you to get over your writer’s block and get your creativity back!

8 Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block & Boost Your Creativity


Don’t ignore your writer’s block, lack of creativity of emotional burnout. Become aware of it instead. Acknowledge what you are going through and the reasons behind it.


Don’t be angry or ashamed of yourself. It’s part of the ebb and flow of life. We all have ‘off’ times. Be compassionate with yourself. Accept where you are now and know that you can move forward.


It can’t rain forever. It’s a cliche, but cliches are there for a reason. Stop trying to control everything and force creativity. Simply trust the process. Know that you are not alone. Your experience is valid. And it shall all pass.


Negative feelings only feed more negative feelings and creative blocks. Ask yourself how you want to feel instead? Practice gratitude, forgiveness and positive thinking. Move inwards through journaling, meditations and self-awareness. Spend time with people and in places that uplift you.


You are experiencing low creativity or maybe even a burnout now. Instead of getting attached to your current experience, detach from it and release yourself. Open yourself up to new and positive experiences, feelings and thoughts.


Living a healthy lifestyle is essential not only for your physical health but mental well-being and your creativity. Make sure to feed your body with a healthy plant-based diet. Ditch processed foods and refined sugar. Greens, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and whole grains are your friend. Drink plenty of water, but avoid sugary drinks. Exercise daily. Sleep plenty. Avoid stress.


Go outside. Take a walk or a hike. Go for a run or do a hard workout at the gym. Dance. Sit in nature. Smell some flowers. Try a new recipe. Play with Legos, Play-dough or building blocks. Color. Play with some animals. Volunteer. Engage with positive people. Use all your senses, engage your mind and let yourself feel your emotions. As you invite in positive experiences to your life, creativity will reappear as well.


I get it. Whether you have a blog to support your business or you are a professional writer, you need to write to make money. Still, try stepping away from the pressure of it for a moment. Write for fun. Try journaling, poetry, short stories, reflections or move to other forms of creativity, such as painting, drawing, photography, knitting or sculpture. All this can help to awaken your creative spirit.

Remember, creative blocks happen to all of us. Be patient. If you are pressed with deadlines and find yourself in front of a blank sheet, you can always ask for help. You would be surprised how many people hire ghostwriters to help with their writing. Don’t be shy to reach out. I am happy to help with your content.

Have you ever experienced writing or other creative blocks? How did you past them? I would love to know what worked for you.

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