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Having a blog is crucial to your business.

Blogging can help you to gain greater authority and more credibility in the holistic health field, create a stronger online presence with more engagement, connect with your target clients, educate and inspire them, and most importantly, bring in new clients.

That means more happy clients benefiting your services, more positive impact on the world and more money for you.

But who has time for blogging? You are a busy professional. Blogging may seem like a drag. It’s so hard to make time for it, right?! Don’t worry.

Using these proven tips, you can be a blogging pro too!



Having a good idea of your goals and the expected outcome can help you a great deal to make a solid long-term and short-term plan.

What are your goals? How many blog posts do want to publish a month or a week? Who is your target audience? What are your goals for your blog? What is the end result that you are looking for?

Answer these questions first before starting to write random content. Remember, even one strategic, high-quality and informative post a month is better than random, low-quality posts twice a week.


Treat blogging as your non-negotiable. Schedule it.

Remember, writing a high-quality post takes time. It involves brainstorming, research, outlining, editing, formatting, not to mention marketing. Consider the day you want to publish your post and schedule time for each step accordingly.

Once you have a schedule, all you have to do is to show up. Mark it on your calendar, set a reminder on your phone, post sticky notes on your computer, ask a friend to remind you — do whatever it takes to stay on schedule.


From brainstorming to publishing, blogging is a complex and many-step process. Staying organized is the key to your success.

Use Excel, Google Sheet, or a good old-fashioned notebook to keep track of everything involved. Project management tools like Basecamp can help you as well with an organization and overall project management.

Leave an open tab for brainstorming, topic ideas, inspiring posts,, and so one. In another tab, keep track of your past and current projects. Assign yourself topics, checkmark your progress, and post your end result. You may want to create another tab or folder to keep track of statistics and comments.


Coming up with something original week after week can be a daunting task. But remember, just because you wrote about a topic before, it doesn’t mean that you can never write about it again.

You can write about new scientific research related to the same topic. Take a smaller point from one post and write about it in more detail in another one. Write a part two to the same post. Create more tips on the topic.

Remember to repurpose your content on other platforms. Post it on the Medium, Linkedin or another platform. Write a new, original piece and submit it as a guest blog. Use your post to create shorter social media content, newsletters, or ebook chapters.


Hiring a professional content writer can take the load off of your shoulders. You wouldn’t believe the number of holistic health professionals and businesses do that. Even many professional health bloggers hire writers to create their content!

If you wish to be in charge of your own editorial calendar and content strategy, you can hire professional writers to create high-quality posts for you. Many writers offer a full service that includes content marketing strategy, an editorial calendar, writing, and posting your blogs on your website. Make sure to hire a writer that specializes in holistic health: someone who understands your goals and has writing expertise in your field.

How do you make time for your blog? Share your tips in the comments below. I would love to hear your tips.

If you are looking for a Professional Holistic Health Writer to help you with blogging and your online content, you can always email me at I look forward hearing from you.

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